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Car Port Refurbishment

RLH were called in to refurbish a car port that had gone unused and unloved for some time. Due to the age of the building, it posed some challenges, however I'm sure you'll agree that the hard work paid off and we left the clients happy with their new, useable car port.

The main challenge on this job was the bowed roof. We stripped this and applied new felt and batten and then refitted the tiles that were existing, keeping the traditional look of the building. Structurally, we replaced the structural beams and rebuilt some of the roof to ensure sturdiness, and overall safety of the roof.

Another way to make the building structurally sound was to rebuild sections of brickwork that had become weak and damaged over the years. The rest of the brickwork was repointed. In terms of brickwork, a gate arch was also built, joining the car port with the house and creating security to the area. A new concrete floor was also laid to provide a level surface for the space.

The exterior of the building had also lacked attention for a while, becoming cluttered and overgrown. To match the clean, new brickwork, RLH created a new patio area, providing our clients with a useable space that's perfect for the summer months.

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